He Kindly Stopped For Me
I tripped on my shoelace
And I fell up--
Up to the roof tops,
Up over the town


 #guys I just… #how much of this was scripted #how much of it was improvised? #how much of this was purely andrew’s genius interpretation of his character? #what if the writers just went ‘ok so now you’re supposed to dance to the music while you steal this thing’ #’this is the song that we’re going to use so now it’s up to you’ #and andrew just shrugged and they did all of this in one take #because when he got started no one wanted to interrupt because they were kinda intimidated/amazed/shocked/awestruck #or what if someone actually came in and taught him how to dance a little #because look at those arms that is a perfect position #I just don’t understand #at all #who even came up with this who thought this was a good idea #obviously it was but omg seriously #can I just #did they play the music on set or was this done in total silence #was the director sitting somewhere and crying from the hilarity and talent that is andrew scott #I mean how can you just sit and watch this happen and not die #he’s just so good at acting it’s frightening #I love this moriarty he’s just perfect to me #I mean who would steal the crown jewel while dancing ballet #the amount of epic is blinding #I can’t even take this #whose idea was this #like…just… #let me die

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    The dancing was actually Andrew’s idea. In an interview he’s talking about Moriarty’s insanity and brilliance and he...
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